Pathen and Hesa.

The final book of the trilogy that begins with The Worth of a Shell (fiction), A Bloom in the North tells the story of how Ke Bakil and the Jokka finally began to climb out of its dark age. It is narrated initially by Pathen from "Stone Moon, Silk Scarves (fiction)," and picks up immediately after that novella. It also follows the second book in the trilogy, Pearl in the Void (fiction), the end of which runs concurrent with the novella.


The Stone Moon empire is ascendant... and in trouble. But when imperial enforcer Pathen Ures-emodo turns fugitive, he finds himself inheriting a decimated rebellion with a missing leader. There's no winning a war against the Stone Moon with the two hundred Jokka he has left. His only choice? To hide his people in plain sight as good and dutiful members of the empire... and maybe, just maybe, transform the empire from within.

The emperor of the Stone Moon is on a ship with his most steadfast enemy, sailing north in search of an answer for the mind-death. Can Pathen and his House of dissidents survive until they return? What mysteries will Roika and Thenet uncover in the north? And will the Stone Moon still reign supreme over Ke Bakil when it's over?

The final book of the Stone Moon trilogy concludes the story of Thenet, whose love for a woman started a rebellion that would change the world.

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