Vaguely-feline aliens, with a caste-based society. Their empire is known as Kherishdar, and is overseen by their emperor, Thirukedi.



Ai-Naidar onlookers


Very tall, very delicate-limbed humanoids, bipedal, five-fingered and five-toed, with vaguely-feline attributes: pointed ears, with tufts; tufted tails; small claw-like nails (not retractable). Most Ai-Naidar have a very short pelt, like velvet or felt; there are furless individuals, but it's more common to have patches of furlessness than to be entirely without a pelt.

In color, Ai-Naidari pelts/skin tend toward paler colors: creams, whites, grays, light browns, caramel. They can be darker colors (black, dark gray, dark brown, etc), but that's much rarer. Patterns are even rarer than that, though you see the occasional spotted/patchwork Ai-Naidari.

Eye colors also tend toward light colors: lilac, green, blue, light brown, amber, light orange, etc. More intense colors are possible, but rare.



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The Ai-Naidari language is an agglutinating, variable-stress (with phonemic stress) language. Four pronoun genders: male; female; unknown; not-Ai-Naidari (aliens, machines, animals, etc).

The habit of squishing two nouns together without declining any of them to get a compound word is antiquated, and I think the grammatical term means something like "quick and dirty word-making."



Social StructureEdit

All Ai-Naidar are assigned to castes. They are born into the caste of their parents, and evaluated twice in childhood in order to ensure the ishas of the child matches the caste they are eventually assigned to. This evaluation is mandatory, and the duty of the Ai-Naidari above the Wall of Birth who is responsible for that Ai-Naidari's district.

The caste system is ancient, and has had some additions, subtractions and changes throughout history. It came about as a way to give displaced people a surrogate family.

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Relationships and FamilyEdit

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Known Ai-Naidari HousesEdit

Important Philosophical ConceptsEdit

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Crime and PunishmentEdit

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Flowers are also an important part of everyday life in Kherishdar.

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Naming ConventionsEdit

Only those above the Wall of Birth have "secret" names.

Heads of Households: "ij" or "ije" (before a consonant) So: ij Eredaeth Jelaen-masirkedi

Heirs to Heads of Household: "su" or "sul" (before a vowel) So: Jelaen sul'Eredaeth-masirkedi

Commoner Heads of Household (has allegiance addition): {C}Name of Household first, then personal name, caste and allegiance prefixed by "a". {C}So, Raed of House Wasanil, a land-worker beneath House Errithikta: {C}Wasanil Raed-darikkedi a'Errithikta

Family-Members Within the Household: PersonalName Nai'Housename-Housecaste {C}So: {C}Tanith Nai'Errithikta-rithkedi

Winter-sons and -daughters Within a Household: "kulin" (literally, 'gift from the gods') and then the full name. So: kulin Mishraih Nai'Eredaeth-masirkedi

People permanently employed by a Household, but not head-of-household: {C}Name Nai'HouseName a'AlliegianceHouse-caste of person. {C}So: {C}Shasi Nai'Wasanil a'Errithikta-darikkedi

Extraneous or extra titles: {C}Primary Guardian in a noble House {C}"ran" {C}So: {C}ran Eredaeth Mishraih-enukedi

Normal guardians: {C}As with those permanently employed by a House, but with Guardian caste-suffix, but without House names. {C}So: {C}Kurudet a'Eredaeth-enukedi.

The Books of CivilizationEdit

The Ai-Naidar have a set of books which contain the rules of civilization, which they call as a group the Books of Civilization. These include the Book of Precedents, the Book of Exceptions, and the multi-volume Book of Castes, which begin with a volume on all castes, followed by a volume devoted to each caste-rank.



Notable CharactersEdit

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