The Ai-Naidar have very strict rules of etiquette.


It is terrible manners to deflect a compliment, as this is a way of insulting the judgment of the person complimenting you.


Dallying within the caste was expected and went unremarked, unless the liaison produced family bonds: either in the form of children or in an adult's request to join their beloved's family. Sometimes such formalities sprang from our dalliances; mostly, they dissolved when convenient.

Social ReprimandEdit

A gentle social reprimand may be administered by pretending or stating that one is doing what they should be when they are not.


Family has blanket permission to touch you and can do spontaneous hugging. All the people you give permission to can also. What Kherishdar doesn't have much of, if at all, is casual touch. If someone gives you a hug, spontaneous or not, they mean it.

Nojzel are touch-points: these are specific zones or parts of the body that require specific permission (either under caste law or by individual permission) to be touched, and include points such as the nape of the neck, the face and the spine. Only Thirukedi may touch the nape of the neck with impunity.

Some touches that are not normally permitted may invoke an Exception, as those necessary to aid an injured Ai-Naidari to sit or rise.