Ai-Naidari aphorisms are a form of Ai-Naidari literature and calligraphy; however, they join with truisms, sayings, and quotations as a body of oral tradition that frequently shows up in natural conversation.


Wisdom begins in full living. (from "Ishan")

That which is old has been tried by time and found good. (from "Esar")

There is no higher calling than to serve with love. (from "Menuredi")

A strong society turns all responses to its uses. (from "Geles")

When you do not know the answer, ask. (from "Isaludar")

Treat gently with each and every Ai-Naidari, for ever there is one born below you... and one above. (from "Aunera")

To be parted from society is to suffer. (from "Nesthae")

Behind a long-lived prosperity there waits a never-sleeping sword. (from "Kherishdar")

True civilization recognizes each individual's soul... and places them where they belong. (from "Ishas")

There is no love greater than family. (from "Pauser")

The wise gardener allows even rocks to grow. (from "Rakadhas")

Rest your eyes on what is divine and good, for you become what you contemplate. (from "Tsekil")

To err is only another chance to know the grace of correction. (from "Revasil")

Do not be ashamed of what you give, if it is given freely. (from "Nalureth")

An Ai-Naidari is only as strong as his community. (from "Sasrith")

When the tree no longer bears fruit, rest beneath its shade and take grafts of its flesh. (from "Diqedi")

There is nothing so precious as the touch of another. (from "Nojzel")

Romance is a spark. It kindles nothing without the wood of family. (from "Dare")

Love is the foundation of society. (from "Ajzelin")

An Ai-Naidari is only as important as what he shares with others. (from "Nalan")

We will worry about the future when we are done with the present. (rephrased, from Black Blossom)

One cannot make a basket without bending the willow twigs. (from Black Blossom)


Who loves masks has no soul. (from "Lijzan")

All that is unjust changes in its time. (from "Lijzan")

Your work must also provide your meditation, and if it does not soothe you to undertake some part of it, you are in the wrong work. (from Black Blossom)

Quotes and SayingsEdit

There is no sorrow like knowing the end of one's family. No Ai-Naidari should stand outside the chain. (from "Emethil")

All Ai-Naidar exist to have value. (from "Aisim")

Once a son of Saresh, always a son of Saresh. (from "Diqedi ")

Who among us does not have to bow their head to all the law? (from "Mesiln")

Wisdom knows no caste, and we are all Abased before it.