A partial Ai-Naidari orthography.

Ai-Naidari writing is consonantal: vowel sounds are indicated by diacritics to the upper right of the consonant they follow. Writing is read from left to right.

Words are usually denoted by brackets, though these are sometimes left off. Words that start with vowels can be marked with a "table," an underscore that serves as a placeholder for the absent consonant, but these are sometimes left off also.

Because the Ai-Naidar communicate a great deal of vital information in books (see the Books of Civilization), several of which are required reading in order for someone to be a full and courteous and productive member of society, literacy is a requirement, and a writing system simple enough to be grasped quickly in childhood is important--this is why, unlike many ancient societies, Kherishdar does not have a logographic writing system. The consonantal writing style also results in words taking up very little space despite their length, which means the size of their books can be kept reasonable.

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