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Alysha's Fall is a collection of short stories following the character Alysha Forrest and her struggle to make her way into and through the Pelted Fleet Academe to become an Alliance officer. These short stories combine to make a novel and are not independent short stories.

The short stories in Alysha's Fall were originally written in the 90's, and the first edition illustrated paperback was published by Cornwulf Press in 2000.


What is the definition of strength? At what point is there nothing more to learn than the limits of endurance? When is darkness no longer contrast to light but a suffocation, and how close to that line can a person walk before she risks her soul? Ten years after she graduated from the Fleet Academe at Terracentrus, Alysha Forrest was captain of the battlecruiser UAV Stardancer with more honor to her name than any other officer her age. But before that dawn there was a night, and it is in the darkness that souls are made...or broken.


This book lacks interior art. To see pictures of the major characters, go to their pages.

The art is available, already drawn in the art collection. And there is an amazing amount of fan art.

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Notable CharactersEdit

Minor Characters:

The Phantasies group: The girls:

The management:

The academe group:

The team mates, minor characters:

  • Canidad, Tam-ille, foxine

Songs and Poems:Edit

A lullabye of the Exodus is at location 105, continued at 115, and has a follower or continuation at 2091/60%.

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Purchase DetailsEdit

The first edition of Alysha's Fall is out of print, but the author has been caught mentioning that she's considering a second edition. If you don't want to wait to read it, it's also available for purchase in e-book form.

Format Pgs/Size Cost ISBN/ASIN
Paperback 150 --- 0970280505 / 978-0970280503
E-book (SW/Amazon) 295kb $2.99 B0046H9ZU4

Purchasable ArtEdit

There is art based on this book, available at

Alysha's Meditation – Print and T-shirt

Not While In My Care – Poster

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