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Alysha Forrest is a military officer in the Pelted Fleet. Best known for her captaincy of the UAV Stardancer.

Alysha Forrest

General Description[]

Physical Description[]

One of the Karaka'An (a race of the Pelted), Alysha is a 6-foot tall digitigrade, feline in seeming, with rain-gray fur and black straight hair to her shoulderblades. Post-graduation from the Fleet Academe she wears a pair of ice-gold hoop earrings.

She has unusual claws, made of hull material Breathnache, can leave scratches on diamond or anything of lesser hardness.

Pre-Service History[]

Was with her mother and father. Her father died and her mother gave up on life, changing jobs from singer to dancer/prostitute.

She graduated from finishing school, (a high school equivalent?)

Went to the big city, Terracentrus, and found she could not easily get into the academe.

Danced under the name "Steel" in the Phantasies club.

Service History[]

Trained at the foundation Fleet Academe campus in Terracentrus.

  • ensign, ages 21-23, UAV Diamondwing
  • lieutenant, ages 23-26, UAV Sunchaser
  • commander, ages 26-29, UAV Blackice
  • first commander, ages 29-31, UAV Scattersky
  • captain, age 31-?, UAV Stardancer

Related Fiction[]

Mentioned (as not being in the book) in the Fred Patten comments to;


Alysha reminds me of Wolverine, the X-man. Not the personality, but the claws. Toughest substance known, retractile, hurts to use them.