Anadi With Ring and Pet

The female of the Jokka species.


The female of the Jokku species tends toward paw-like feet and thicker hands, with claws. They have narrow shoulders, broader hips and breasts, and distinct, needle-like fangs which can issue toxins if under stress.

Customs and HistoryEdit

Following the Mystery Age, the anadi (along with their fellow breeders, the emodo) became more prone to heat- and stress-related injury. The Jokka adapted to this at various points by attempting to protect the anadi: when nomadic, they were encouraged to drive or sit in wagons and do small crafts that didn't tax the body, and during the ages of settlement they were sequestered beneath the ground where the rooms were cooler in anadi caverns.

Anadi of value by Thenet's age are denoted by rings through their navel slits.

Notable AnadiEdit

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