Young Angharad

Angharad Godkin of the Sunblood Cliffs is a forty-eight year-old griffin in the army of the Godkindred Kingdom, a Mistress Commander.

General DescriptionEdit

Angharad is a griffin army commander, who at the time of Flight of the Godkin Griffin had served thirty-four years ("since I took up a spear to drive away the raiders from the slopes of the Firerake Mountains under Captain Trerian, at fourteen years."). She is one of the few Godkin with wings, a griffin built after cranes and cougars rather than heavier birds of prey.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Bloodlines (10)Edit

  • Coatl
  • Crane
  • Fisher
  • Hawk
  • Lion
  • Phoenix
  • Puma
  • Ringtail Cat
  • Siamese Cat
  • Snake

Previous CampaignsEdit

  • Glendallia, a province in the far south.
  • Ulnight (a bitter campaign that resulted in the disastrous Battle of Kendrick Caves, and the successful second attempt, the Battle at the Undercaves).


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