Argent Star

Empreror of the North, Joachim Argent Star, also called Truth, is the oldest living Le'enle. The Northern Throneworld where he rules is called Teza. He controls the healing mii'vas, which only he as the eldest Le'enle is able to distill.

General DescriptionEdit

In his Le'enle form Argent star is white-furred with silver scales and horn.


Family and FriendsEdit

For a good portion of his life, before the Second Evpetren War, Argent Star was blessed with a large family. After the war, he had only two remaining children:

  • Breathless Lake (daughter)
  • Boundless Heart (youngest, daughter)

who were followed by

Before the war Argent Star was the husband of the late Noble Rose, and is the beloved of Distant Song.

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