M.C.A. Hogarth has published over 50 stories and books in various formats, for purchase or free to read online. Below is a list of available works. If you'd like information on the author's unpublished works, check Unpublished Works under the Fiction category.

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Titles link to wiki pages. Items that have been Published for purchase have links to Amazon or other appropriate site, and in addition, Serials have links to their respective hub pages. Chron indicates chronological order of works within a series or setting. Page Counts shown are approximate.

AN=Ai-Naidar JK=Jokka JV=Jahir & Vasiht'h LE=Le'enle PM=Pelted Military PT=Pelted TS=Tsipia XX=Standalone
CR=Contemporary Romance F=Fantasy P=Poetry SF=Science-Fiction UF=Urban Fantasy YA=Young Adult
Title Status Universe Chron Aliens Genre Length Pgs
The Admonishments of Kherishdar Completed Serial, Published Kherishdar AN 02 Ai-Naidar F Novel, Collected Shorts 72
A Bloom in the North Published Jokka JK 14 Jokka SF Novel 400
Alysha's Fall Published Paradox PM 01 Pelted SF Novel, Collected Shorts 150
Anadi Dolls Published Shell JK 07 Jokka SF Short 22
The Aphorisms of Kherishdar Completed Serial, Published, Audiobook Kherishdar AN 01 Ai-Naidar SF Novel, Collected Shorts 68
Bitter Apples Published Other XX Humans F Short 6
Black Blossom In-progress Serial Kherishdar AN 03 Ai-Naidar F Novel ---
The Blade to Your Hand Published Zalitraeq XX Furries F, Furry Short 15
Blades and Bitter Apples Published --- XX Furries, Humans F Collection 82
Blueberries Published --- XX --- P Chapbook 5
Breaths Long as Years Published The Compass Rose LE 03 Le'enle F Short 7
Butterfly Published Paradox PT 07 Pelted SF Short 25
Claws and Starships Published Paradox XX Pelted SF Collection 192
Clays Beneath the Skies Published Shell XX Jokka SF Collection 200
The Copper Bodice Published Other XX Humans F Short 13
Dark Lighthouse Published Paradox PM 04 Pelted SF Short 20
A Distant Sun Published Paradox PT 01 Pelted SF Novella 45
A Divine Consistency Published Jitesse XX Suul, Humans F Short 27
The Elements of Freedom Published Paradox PT 04 Pelted SF Short 15
Even the Wingless Published Paradox PT 08 Chatcaava, Eldritch SF Novel 396
Family Published Paradox JV 02 Eldritch, Glaseah SF Novella 51
Fire in the Void Published Shell JK 10 Jokka SF Short 17
Fire Queen, Dark Lady Published Other XX Humans F Short 14
For the Love of Mortals Published The Compass Rose LE 01 Le'enle F Short 3
Flight of the Godkin Griffin Completed Serial, Vol 1 Published, Vol 2 Awaiting Publication Godkindred XX Godkindred F Novel (2 Volumes) 275 /?
Freedom, Spiced and Drunk Published Shell JK 01 Jokka SF Short 15
His Neuter Face Published Shell JK 08 Jokka SF Novella 36
In the Line of Duty Published Paradox PM 03 Pelted SF Short 19
Living the Moment Published The Failing Gates TS 02 Tsipia-Aliens, Humans SF Short 22
Money for Sorrow, Made Joy Published Shell JK 04 Jokka SF Short 17
New Stories Published Shell JK 02 Jokka SF Short 11
Not Now, Not Ever Published The Compass Rose LE 04 Le'enle F Short 9
Pantheon Published Paradox PT 05 Pelted SF Short 11
Pearl in the Void Published Jokka JK 12 Jokka SF Novel 400
The Perfect Totem Published Other XX Humans UF Short 7
Precious Things Published Paradox PT 03 Pelted, Eldritch SF Short 10
A Rosary of Stones And Thorns Completed Serial, Published Lands of Milk and Honey XX Angels, Humans F Novel 302
Rosettes and Ribbons Published Paradox PT 02 Pelted SF Novella 40
Salome Published Other XX Humans F, YA Short 12
Season's Meaning Published Paradox PM 05 Pelted SF Short, Holiday 9
Second Published Paradox PM 02 Pelted SF Novella 113
Skip-Leveling Published Other XX Humans CR Short 15
The Smell of Intelligence Published Shell JK 09 Jokka SF Novella 24
Snow in Summer, Flowers in Fall Published Other XX Humans, Khedarians SF Short 13
The Snow Maiden Published Paradox JV 01 Eldritch, Glaseah SF Short, Holiday 11
Songs From a Conch Shell Whistle Published The Failing Gates TS 01 Tsipia-Aliens SF Short 18
Spots the Space Marine Completed Serial, Published Spots XX Violinists, Humans SF Novel 442
Spots the Space Marine: Letters Published Spots XX Violinists, Humans SF Short 9
Stone Moon, Silk Scarves Published Shell JK 13 Jokka SF Novella 29
Stormfront Published Paradox PM 06 Pelted SF Short 15
Tears Published Paradox PT 06 Pelted SF Short 4
A Trifold Spiral Knot Published Shell JK 03 Jokka SF Short 15
Unknowable Published Shell JK 06 Jokka SF Short 19
Unspeakable Published Shell JK 05 Jokka SF Short 21
Useless Tears Published The Compass Rose LE 02 Le'enle F Short 5
The Worth of a Shell Published Shell JK 11 Jokka SF Novel 402
Xenopsych Case Studies Ongoing Episodes Paradox JV XX Eldritch, Glaseah SF Short