Other Unwritten or Unpublished Stories of which I've found EvidenceEdit

(just a quick list, mostly for myself so I don't keep picking over the same things, but open for addition/expansion to wiki pages (will add as I find/remember stuff) Tabard (talk) 21:21, February 19, 2012 (UTC))

Adding my notes here in italics... Mcahogarth 21:32, February 19, 2012 (UTC)
  • Tsipia-Alien novel -- This one is untitled, and unfinished.
  • Twinned Exception (is this the story mentioned in the art archives with Laurence Serapis? or is that a separate story altogether?) -- there are spoilers here for Black Blossom I can't discuss yet, so just leave it there for now. >.>
  • Twice-Souled (another Ai-Naidar story -- novel? short? -- with Serean & Lakudeth, (and Thirukedi?)) A short story, and AMG IT'S PORN!
  • Her Instruments (series, other than first book, which I think has a page already?) -- haven't made pages for any of these books yet, sort of waiting on Baen.
  • Red Honey (Kediil's novel (This one sounds interesting, but then I <3 Kediil. >.>)) Good catch on this one, I'd forgotten it.
  • The College Novel Ditto on this one. Vasiht'h and Jahir are giving me dirty looks.
  • Laisrathera's Legacy (young adult-type story/ies in concept or inkling-stage? ) Exists in notes! We'll see.
  • Sellelvi & Fasianyl's story?-- This one is intended as a full length novel.
  • Passerose & Severine-- Wow, haven't thought of them in ages. Probably would have been a novella.
  • The Jitesse story with Kat/Aslinne/Jibrel -- Not sure how much more work I'll do in Jitesse.

Sequels to:

  • Heir to Thorns and Steel (x2 = Blood Ladders Trilogy)
  • Rosary (found working title from notes: The Grail of Tears and Wind)
  • Spots
  • Shell (Pearl in the Void)
  • Alysha's Fall (more short stories, or a novel/la?) (These are Sword of the Alliance and Either Side of the Strand. There's also a third book in outline, but without a title.)
  • Wingless (novella) (Called "Some Things Transcend.")

  • Stormfront (another short? Moar Capt Wyatt!)
  • Skip-Leveling (in outline, titled "Rightsizing")
  • Fire Queen, Dark Lady
  • The Elements of Freedom (called "In the Middle").
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