Chatcaavan Vowels, short and long.

Modern Chatcaavan is written in a form of alphabetic script. Vowels have "short" and "long" versions; long vowels are used to indicate stress in the word. Thus the transliteration "Chatcaava"; all three vowels are pronounced the same way, but the doubled vowel in the middle is an indication of stress.

Quick and Dirty Guide to PhonemesEdit

Accepted Consonants: b, ch, d, f, g, h, l, m. n, p. q, r, ts, s, t, v, w, z, k, with 'sh' an archaic version of 'ch'.

Accepted Vowels: ah, au, ay, eh, ih, oh, ooh, uh.

Pronouns and the Concept of AbstractionEdit

talk here about abstractions and their effect on grammar. That was from the scene near the end of Wingless with the Emperor telling Lisinthir about the difference between "treasure" and "Treasure."

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