The Compass Rose is the Le'enle's "political organization," such as one exists, and consisted prior to the Second Evpetren War of four emperors/empresses (all Guardians), each taking up the mantle of one of the four compass directions; after the Second Evpetren War, the Compass Rose expanded to include several additional "floating" Virtues with attendant rulers.

When the ruler in one quadrant passes on, the mantle is voted onto a new Guardian, and this individual begins to take on characteristics of their virtue.

The NorthEdit

The North is associated with the virtue of Truth. Rulers in this quadrant not only know lies from truths when spoken, eventually they become able to speak only the truth in response to direct questions, even when they don't know the answers themselves.

The Northern throneworld under Argent Star is Teza.

The EastEdit

The East is associated with the virtue of Justice. Originally administrated by the Le'enle Solitary Heart, it was left open to a new individual when that Emperor discorporated after too long spent outside physical shape. He was replaced by Distant Song, who made Genesis to serve as her throneworld. The Seat of the East remained on Genesis until it was destroyed in the Second Evpetren War, when Distant Song used her link to it as a way to avoid dying to an Evpetren blade. She moved the throneworld to Vanduine for a short time following the war.

The WestEdit

The West is associated with the virtue of Knowledge, and traditionally was tasked with the maintenance of the Great Library (known to the Le'enle as A'Satar-lai'ana). The current Emperor of the West is Silent Chain, who replaced Vivid Wind following his death in the Second Evpetren War.

The SouthEdit

The South is associated with the virtue of Love, and is ruled by Kithless Day.

The Southern throneworld is currently the planet Lisera, where the Empress resides, occasionally in a small personal place and occasionally in the palace built there for that purpose.

New DirectionsEdit

There is some confusion as to the nature of the Compass Rose in the years following the Second Evpetren War. What is entirely clear is that a wild card was added in the form of the Emperor Gideon Rhaine, whose virtue is Change. No one is entirely sure if there are new directions so much as new virtues: Sacred Ember seems wedded to Balance, and there is some sign that there might be two additional Virtues, Trust and Faith.

Gideon Rhaine has since taken Genesis as his throneworld with Distant Song's blessing.