Darsi Asara-emodo, formerly Laisira-emodo, is an emodo Jokkad at the time of the Stone Moon empire.


Darsi is what happens when someone who isn't comfortable with power and danger ends up thrust into situations where neither he nor people he cares about are safe. He has a kind of foxhole courage that not even he recognizes, and tends to volunteer for the scut jobs that no one wants. But he tends toward anxiety (sometimes paranoia), is a bit twitchy and is often belligerent because he always feels backed into a corner.

Once he stops feeling that way, though, you can see him for what he is, which is loyal, dutiful and a good person to have at your back.

Physical DescriptionEdit

One of the more physically attractive emodo, with tawny skin and showy brown hair. I have forgotten his eye color. -_-


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