Dekashin Akkadin-eperu is one of the Jokka in the time of the Stone Moon empire, a companion to Keshul Akkadin-emodo.



Not preciously lazy so much as given to conservation of physical energy, Dekashin is a bit enigmatic in personality, mostly because it remains closely contained within itself. Its friendship with Keshul is strange in that regard, both that it entertains any close friendships at all, and that when it does it chooses someone not its own sex.

For most of its life it has a touch of fatalism, and only toward the midpoint of its life does it finally find a spark of optimism. As usual among eperu, that manifests as the need to act and a certain calm power.

Also, it has very expensive tastes in jewelry, if I remember right.

Physical DescriptionEdit

I'll have to double-check this, but I believe it's a grayish-brown with brown hair and bright summer-blue eyes.


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