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Mood Modifiers[edit | edit source]

Mood modifiers are always prefixes, and must be re-iterated every 5 words if not every word. It is assumed you are speaking in normal mode until you add a prefix, at which point you are obliged to maintain the 5-Word rule or it will be assumed you have dropped back into normal mode. Mood-modifiers usually add nuance to words, but some drastically change the meanings of the vocabulary. In the courtly and often politically entangled Eldritch world, the mood-modifiers used can often conflict with the emotions generated by an individual, or in turn add richness to the visage portrayed by emotional emination and word choice. Mood-modifers are usually used for whole paragraphs or sentences, but using one for only one word in a sentence in not unacceptable and can often add unusual emphasis to a particular sentiment.

The Seven Modes of Speech

The Modes are in three pairs, with the seventh, Normal Mode, not requiring another half. Each Mode in a pair is said to be the 'foil' of the other.

A Gray (normal) -- In normal mode, no modifiers are required. Normal mode is self-descriptive; it is the mode that is usually spoken.

Ei Silver (hopeful) -- Silver Mode is the foil of the Shadow mode, giving a slightly positive flavor to words.

Ie Shadowed (slightly cynical) -- In Shadowed Mode, most words bear a distinctly negative connotation, usually cynical, sarcastic, or ironic.

Ue Gold (joyful) -- In Gold Mode, the best is always assumed of everything, and all words take on that flavor.

Eu Black (dark) -- Black Mode, the foil of Gold, tends to violent, angry, or morose connotations of words. Whole groups of words in Black mode radically change definition.

Io White (ephemeral/holy) -- Words in White Mode refer only to the spirit-mind, to the metaphysical plane. White Mode is especially used for weddings and almost exclusively used in the schools to teach the handling of psychic abilities.

Oi Crimson (sensual) -- Crimson Mode gives a definitely suggestive turn to phrases, and all words in Crimson refer to the body only.

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