Erdiil and Mayiin

Erdiil is the ethilik Jokkad that cofounded the Trifold religion after having a prophetic vision while near death.

General DescriptionEdit

Devoted to the Trinity at a young age due to his perfect physical conformation to Void characteristics, Erdiil viewed his entire life through the lens of religion. It was said that Void stole all the marks from his body before he was born. He lived during Kediil's Age.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Eyes are a sublime and fragile purple, heavy with age and darkness, carrying with it the multi-hued gleam of fading stars. Skin is the pooled and active blackness of truedark, of lack of sight and originally unmarked. Later it contains one trifold spiral knot.


Erdiil was born a twin to Mayiin as an emodo. When his family discovered no markings on his perfectly black body, he was devoted to the Trinity and sent away to serve the gods. Instead of finding a place with a traveling clan primarily serving the Trinity, he was placed at the only temple built to the Trinity. There he Turned anadi, and finally eperu. It was after this that his vision and twin found him.

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