Esar is an Ai-Naidari word referring to a quality that makes one fit to lead. There are many forms of esar, outlined in the Book of Precedents. Esar is inescapably about one's effect on people. Every esar has its dangers, known as its shadow-side, just as it has its advantages, or its sunlight.


esar [ eh SAAR ], (noun) . the quality that makes one a superb leader; this is a sublime thing composed of your character, your actions, your social position (rank and caste), your upbringing. There are many different kinds of esar. -- From Ai-Naidar Vocabulary

Esar RitualEdit

When an heir will soon be promoted in his House, he reads through the pages delineating the different forms of esar and selects one for his own to which his soul can cleave. It is common to request a calligrapher to paint an aphorism that suits the Noble's esar on a scroll for the occasion. This will be returned if the heir is rejected.

Forms of EsarEdit

  • Biden: the ability to see a flaw in a person, understand its wellspring, and know implicitly how to Correct it to make that person whole. A rare form of esar.
  • Geten: the capability of reaching out to someone too broken to respond appropriately. A rare form of esar.
  • Kevej: the passion, the zest, the daring. An unusual esar, one that can become recklessness. This form is attuned to people and risk taking.