Decoration of the House Qenain

Fathriked are Ai-Naidar of the Servant caste. Their caste-rank is below the irimked.


A fathrikedi's ishas, or spirit, is to put others at ease. Fathriked serve as decorations, dancers, living statues, and bed warmers.


Fathriked are true prizes to their masters, but they part from their families to belong to them. They do not even keep their names. Fathriked receive schooling before being placed. Though they are of a low caste, they live in some of the finest Houses, are richly dressed, want for nothing, and receive many gifts, such as flowers. Traditionally, fathriked are silent among others not of their caste.

Any Ai-Naidari family may take one on, so long as they could afford to keep him or her always. The only honorable way to be quit of one is to give him or her away to another family with the wherewithal to maintain one... which is why almost all of them work above the Wall of Birth.

Tools of the TradeEdit

I should put something here about pearl-in-the-eyes (the drops that blind the Ai-Naidari and make them look like they have blank white surfaces behind the lids, so that they can be looked at without the discomfort to the viewer of being looked at in return; and mother-of-pearl-in-the-eyes, the milkier/thinner version that permits a translucent look).

Notable FathrikedEdit

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