A Faulfenza

A page for the aliens, the Faulfenza, who are part of the Paradox universe (but are true aliens, not Pelted). They were born to the world Quzen, which they eventually destroyed and were forced to abandon; they later settled on the double world Qufiil and became wiser custodians of their environment. They are born with the ability to direct heat through their skin (commonly through the hands, though any body part will do, with practice), something they call the Mindfire.

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Physical CharacteristicsEdit

The Faulfenza are heavy-gravity worlders, bipedal with powerful, dense bodies, digitigrade legs, a long tufted tail, partially prehensile and 3-4 feet in length with a long tuft at the end. They have six digits (toes and fingers), vaguely deer-like noses with long, thin muzzles and two long swept back ears with notches.


The Faulfenza are furred in a tricolor pattern: one dark body color, and two accent colors, a pale (usually white or light gray or cream) and a reddish hue.

Pelt colors from most usual to rarest:

  • black
  • dark brown
  • medium brown
  • dark gray
  • light brown
  • medium gray
  • slate gray-blue
  • light gray
  • silver
  • white
  • red, or russet (only two have been this color; they were known as the Fireborn. It is believed children born this color were forged in Faulza's cauldron and are messengers from Him.)

Black with white and red (as opposed to grayish or orange) is called the classic coloring.

Normal eye colors: blue, red, violet, orange, amber, green/Rare: brown, gray, cream


Notable CharactersEdit

Historical FiguresEdit

  • Qudii (the First-Mother)
  • Qufal (the first Fireborn)
  • Faullaizaf (the second Fireborn, from the Time of Ashes)


  • Zafiil (the novel) (unpublished, named after titular character)
  • Laisrathera, Book 3 of the Her Instruments trilogy.
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