A lexicon of known Faulfenzair words and their meanings.


apaiziin [ ah peye ZEEN ], (noun) A crawling vine native to Quafiirla that blossoms blue and white blooms in spring.


daizen [ DEYE zehn ], (noun) a small grazing animal, like a rabbit, native to Quzen's prairies.


faul [ FAWL ], (noun) fire

fauldii [ FALL dee ], (noun) Fire-mother; a wisewoman


iizi [ EE zee ], (noun) flat bread, most frequently made from crushed flower petals.


jaza [ JAA zaa ], (noun) a flower the collected pollen of which creates a thick nectar which is tasteless to the Faulfenzair palette.


liizii [ LEE zee ], (noun) An artificial building material similar to asphalt.


penuzii [ peh NOO zee ], (noun) A small plant common to Quafiirla which sends seeds out in tiny sharp burrs.

piipiizauq [ pee PEE zawk ], (noun) An odiferous and visually repugnant sea creature originally used for its oil.

puraizu [ poo REYE zoo ], (noun) personal space or privacy; a physical area around an individual that they are allotted. Each individual town decides on the basic allotment, and then the individual can pay for more of this personal space.


rizanapenu [ ree ZAA na peh NOO ], (noun) death vision; when one individual in a mated pair of Faulfenza dies, the living member undergoes a condition that commonly involves convulsions, over-stimulation of the Mindfire, and visions.


serdu [ SAIR doo ], (noun) a cervine creature common to the forests of Qufiil.


zelon [ ZEH lohn ], (noun) knife; used for cutting things, utilitarian.