A Fleet battlecruiser, seen through a window.

The United Alliance Fleet is the space navy of the Pelted Alliance in the Paradox universe, a quasi-military operation with bigger guns than traditions; their activities are similar to the Coast Guard's throughout most of their initial history. Officers are trained at the Fleet Academe.


"To Discover and Preserve"


Current Fleet ratio of soldier to staff is 1:6.

  • Command
  • Logistics & Personnel
    • Finance
    • HR
    • Records
  • Medical & Psychiatry
    • Recreation
    • Food
    • Health/Gym/Personal Training/etc
    • Religious Corps
  • Engineering & Maintenance
    • EVA Inspection
    • Alternate Environmental (water environment, vacuum, etc)
    • Robotics
    • Hydroponics
  • Science & Systems
    • IT
  • Communications and Protocol
    • Ambassadorial
  • Navigation & Galactic Mapping
    • Exploration
  • Tactics & Arms
    • Security

Admiralty also includes:

  • Recruiting & Teaching
  • Research & Development
  • Intelligence
  • Building/Fleet Assets
  • Assignments (who goes where, when)
  • Public Relations
  • Strategic Council

Allied AgenciesEdit

  • Fleet Investigation Agency ("To Protect and Observe")
  • First Voice ("To Serve and Speak")
  • Special Forces
  • Ground Forces ("To Serve and Defend")

Fleet VesselsEdit

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Ship ClassesEdit

  • Paradox Class Battlecruiser. Complement 400. (Breakdown: Engineering 100, Tactical 100, Science 110, Security 20, Logistics 35, Medical 35).

  • Parallel Class Warcruiser. Complement 800. (Breakdown: Engineering 200, Tactical 200, Science 150, Security 70, Logistics 80, Medical 100).


The Fleet also builds and maintains all the sector starbases. Currently there are about 15,000 ships in service in Fleet. Fleet encompasses warships, warcruisers, and all smaller craft meant for battle and exploration, or support of those functions such as shiptenders.

Shakedown is defined as the run from the builder's dock to an assigned base and back. The first cruise after shakedown is known as the First Vigil.


  • The Copper Sickle: awarded by Fleet to civilians who were substantial assists in a Fleet mission.


Known Admirals:

  • Thomas Newell, the White Admiral (human).
  • Matthew Brighthaven, former Commandant of the Fleet Academe (human).
  • Terrell Shirrelberry, logistics (Tam-illee).
  • Laphlynri, Asanii.
  • Unknown, Hinichi. The Night Admiral.


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