From Claws and Starships. Kindle location 1367:

"It's what my people call a Foundname. When you discover something that has changed you completely, you name yourself after it." -- EarthHunger,

From Earthrise (Her Instruments 1)

Jonah NotAgain of the UAV StarCounter: NotAgain is a foundname.

From Mindtouch, location 3736:

Keivan Hea First, where First is a foundname, as in First Do No Harm.

From Precious Things, location 113

She cleared her throat. "That's...not quite how we do it. When we leave adolescence, we are allowed to choose our FoundName. After something we think's important to us. People who haven't chosed just say their birth namesor add 'Unfound' to their names.

(Tam-illee practice)

Godel Fishbreath's addition

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