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This describes any person whose genetics includes fox DNA and with that DNA being expressed to some degree.

This is an example of one of the -ine series, the first and so far only.

Not all the foxines are Tam-illee. The Seersa are as well. .

Notable characters, their Pelted races, and the stories they are in:Edit

Foxine found in stories.
Character Race StorySecond (fiction)
Talen Lifeweave Tam-illee

Alysha's Fall (fiction)Tam-illee

Jender Forthstars Tam-illee Second (fiction)
Roben Tam-illee Second (fiction)
Harem Rose Tam-illee Alysha's Fall (fiction)
Rispa Tam-illee Alysha's Fall (fiction)
Captain Maurbery Tam-illee

In the Line of Duty (fiction)

The Queen's tams Tam-illee Her Instruments series
Joy unspecified, earth many, background
Kellen Grove Seer-sa A Distant Sun (fiction)
Pelipenele Argentson Seer-sa Rosettes and Ribbons (fiction)
Khaska/Laniis Seer-sa
Solysyrril Seer-sa Precious Moments

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