Lisinthir wearing the Galare unicorn.

Galare is an Eldritch House. It has been the ruling House since landing, producing the Eldritch's first queen.

House SigilEdit

A unicorn rampant, white on dark blue. Silver is the accent color (usually in the form of platinum). There is a historical connection between Galare's House sigil and the amulets rampant, which also feature unicorns.


Galare produced the first queen on Landing, Jerisa, who ruled 152 years and died in the year 2127 (earth date, which was some hundredish years before the Alliance's formation; see timeline); its second queen, her cousin Maraesa, who ruled until the year 282 BA after 342 years on the throne... and its current queen, Liolesa, the third queen of the Eldritch. It is highly unlikely that Galare's power will be deposed, since alone of all the royal Houses it's kept outworld holdings, which means (unlike its slowly sinking peers) it has money, and is continuing to accrue money and outworld allegiances. Jerisa was the first to establish these outworld accounts (and personal contacts: see Lesandural and the Queen's Tams, established in "Precious Things" and referred to in "Family"), and while Maraesa touched them almost not at all, Liolesa has been actively growing them since she was named Heir and (it is whispered) perhaps even before.

The current heir to the throne is Liolesa's cousin Bethsaida Nuera, but there is some debate over whether she will remain the heir due to complications incurred during Even the Wingless.

Notable MembersEdit

Note that ruling monarchs lose the family name and are known only by their House names.

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