Change with his mate, Sacred Ember.

A Le'enle trapped in the Jinao-ela until he lost all memory of who he was, Gideon Rhaine was awakened from his dreams of mortality by Sacred Ember, and subsequently went on to become the Emperor Change at a time when the Le'enle were still struggling to overcome their probable extinction following the Second Evpetren War.

General DescriptionEdit

The only Le'enle to manifest with two horns, Rhaine is black with gunmetal scales and white ventrals. Because of his nature, however, his appearance is subject to variation.

Current HistoryEdit

At this time Change makes his home on Genesis, which he claimed as a throneworld after bringing it back to life from the cinder it had become when Distant Song used it to block a death blow during the war. He can usually be found in Avonshire.

He and Silent Chain are brothers, and Sacred Ember is his mate.

His lieutenant is Subtle Ash.