Citizens of the Godkindred Kingdom, a theocracy ruled by the closest individual to godhead, as measured by the number of species interbred into his or her bloodline. Not to be confused with the title Godkin, which refers to an individual who has nine or more species in his or her bloodline. Anyone with fewer is known by the number ("Sixblood" for someone with six species, for instance).



  • the Closest Kin


Notable Godkindred CharactersEdit

  • Angharad Godkin
  • Mistress General Casandre Godkin, of the Salt Bluffs
  • Colblain Sixblood, of the Snowflower Vale
  • Donal Blacksmith, Godkin, fourth infantry captain
  • Gavan Fourblood, from the Third Moon Plain, one of Angharad's infantry captains
  • Honeydipped, a mongrel mount
  • Magwen Nineblood, from the Kerriwend River Valley
  • Oweir Threeblood, from the Salt Caves, Angharad's second infantry captain
  • Silfia Fiveblood, of the Dale, Angharad's cavalry captain
  • Master Commander Sutter
  • Captain Trerian


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