The kingdom of the Godkindred, to which Angharad owes allegiance.


To bring about the godhead on earth.


Locations and LandmarksEdit

  • the Firerake Mountains
  • the God's Mercy Mountains
  • Kendrick Caves, Ulnight Province
  • Klen Valley
  • the Undercaves, Ulnight Province

Roads and PathsEdit

  • Mountain Sun Rising, through the God's Mercy Mountains
  • the Rind, runs the length of the original border of the Godkindred Kingdom
  • the Road of the Raven's Flight
  • the Sunkin's Way, bisects the kingdom, passing through the capital on the way to the opposite border, and travels (as one might expect) from east to west

Cities and PlacesEdit


  • Surviue, where the mouth of the Godvein river is.


  • Aneshet, the first province annexed by the Godkindred Kingdom
  • Glendallia
  • Phendallia
  • Shraeven
  • Ulnight


  • the Dale
  • Dancer's Valley (home of good wine)
  • Fort Endgame
  • Kerriwend River Valley
  • Nadeir, major fort and supply depot
  • the Salt Caves
  • the Snowflower Vale
  • Sunblood Cliffs
  • the Third Moon Plain


Salute is a tap to the lower chest.

Some sayings:

  • "Better my butt than my knees."
  • "Come back on both feet."
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