Hesa Asara-emodo, formerly Hesa Laisira-emodo, is one of the main characters in the Trinity trilogy of the Jokka. It is an eperu.


Hesa (on the left, post-hair cut)


I made the Dagny Taggart of Jokka! No, seriously. There are many kinds of intelligence, and Hesa has put its toward finance. Numbers, logistics, accounting, administration, management...if it has to do with trade or making money, I haven't run into a Jokka yet to be its equal. At some point one of the characters in the trilogy calls it "a minor god of commerce" and that suits it very well. Hesa is in its element when managing big business projects: the bigger, the better. Given too little to do it becomes agitated.

Interestingly for an eperu who Turned from one of the breeding sexes, Hesa chose to hold on to many of its original attitudes; it's one of the few Jokka, in fact, to come out and say openly that the eperu have attitudes distinct from the breeding sexes, and consider themselves apart. As such, it straddles both worlds and can translate between them.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Pale pearly skin color, wine-red eyes (plum-colored, a per the stories) and bright copper curls (later dyed brown). Has an emodo's long fingers (and toes), having been born emodo, but in build otherwise lithe and dense, as it Turned eperu early.


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