Het Kabbanil is the largest Jokku settlement. It is built on the ruins of a city from the Mystery Age on the remains of a trade crossroads, with the north/south route leading north to hets Nekelmi and Noidla and the mountains and south to Narel, Bakka and Serel and the east/west road leading into the plains on the west and eventually the coast on the east by way of hets Urel and Nakali.

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Physical DescriptionEdit

Hundreds of buildings of baked clay huddle in the shadows of the extensive stone sites left from some distant age. Some Houses build their steadings among those ruins, incorporating some of the remaining walls and floors.

Others choose to live where their ancestors dug: a selection of rooms hollowed out of the earth, where the cool air is kind to the anadi and keeps food from spoiling quickly. In these, the windows are on the ceilings instead of the walls.


  • Laisira
  • Rapunal
  • Makuf
  • Ledezail
  • Kaduye
  • Ithera
  • Molan

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