Jisiensire is an Eldritch noble House.

House SigilEdit

A rearing hippogriff with forked tongue in wine red and bronze.

House BladesEdit

One dagger, two dirks, one blade (hand-and-a-half). Steel with bronze fittings, wrapped in burgundy cord and inset with opals. The ivy leaves carved into it have worn by the time they come into Hirianthial's hands, and the setting holding the largest opal on the crossguard has been smashed; the opal's still there, but it's no longer quite so prettily set.


The smallest of the noble Houses in terms of number of people in it, Jisiensire is notably rich in on-world properties/concerns (contrasted against Galare's riches, which are a result of off-world properties and accounts). They own mining concerns, breed horses, and have several farms that are still being worked: rare now on a world where most of the food is (secretly) imported.

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