Jokka themselves are traded at auctions at Transactions Fairs. Contracts may be made for use of a Jokkad, temporarily or permanently, and are recorded by the Place of People Transactions.

Breeding ContractsEdit

Contracts for breeding for the most biddable of anadi.


A temporary breeding contract is negotiated for securing a child, and the most expensive are with a House's kaña-befidzu, whose progeny are considered the most worthy/useful.


A permanent contract adds the anadi as a member of the purchasing House. While breeding contracts are negotiated continuously between Houses, full sales of anadi happen rarely and are usually contracted at the Fairs. An anadi who is mind-tired or that was bred too early will fetch a much lower price and are often bought on the cheap by smaller, newer Houses trying to establish themselves. A kaña, the most valuable or saleable anadi of a House, will bring a much higher price.

Employment ContractsEdit

Contracts for employment for the most deft of emodo, the males with their clever hands and more clever talents. Emodo may set up stalls at a Transactions Fair to showcase their work.

Contracts for lifetime employment for the most powerful of eperu, the neuters who do most of the work of the House. Eperu may negotiate their own contracts or their House may do it for them.