Jokkad fishing

Jokka are omnivores, eating vegetables, herbs, and meat in their diet. One of the primary functions of eperu for a House is hunting.

Mentions of Food from the StoriesEdit

  • nut pastries
  • rolls stuffed with forest nibblers and herbs
  • cheese
  • soli-fruit
  • flatcakes made with sponge cake, filled with wild honey and nuts

Gardening and CropsEdit

Seeds and small plants may be purchased in the market layer of a het, or settlement, and grown at a House to reduce the cost of food. Herbs may also be grown for usage as food, perfumes, or spices.

Crops Mentioned in StoriesEdit

  • shune
  • ume


Jokka include small creatures, such as forest nibblers, in their diet. Eperu hunt with spears and in groups.


They prepare candies from honey and jerky from meat.


If necessary, while traveling, Jokka will eat the weeds and crunchy insects they can scavenge from a river.