Jokkad grinding herbs

Plants are an integral part of Jokku life and serve a variety of uses. Each plant has its own wisdom. It is a lore-knower's duty to know and understand the mysteries of plants.

"Some open you to Nature's embrace. Others slow the world, or quicken it. Some clear the mind, or defray the cost of too much dancing the previous night. Some are so potent they will stop your heart; others so gentle your mother's touch is harsher."


From mentions in stories.

  • flower thaserat trees (near het Serean)
  • black pew
  • praying tree (has yellow-gray bark and blade-thin leaves)
  • ragedna (northerly tree, knobby roots)


The flowers are used primarily decoratively, but also as scents in perfumes. House Molan used a crawling vine with large cream blossoms and guided them to curl in almost skinlike patterns.

The black yew tree's flowers produce honey. The thaserat tree also flowers.

List of Flowers from the StoriesEdit

  • mountain thornrose
  • stone-white
  • pale-blossom
  • berrybrown blossoms
  • roses
  • lilacs
  • amber-blossom

Fruits and VegetablesEdit

The fruits of the plant, when edible, are used for food or flavoring.

Lif-leaf is a tree that bears fruit in the autumn. Another tree has a smooth grey trunk that produces brown fruits with a pungent odor. These are gathered in summer and pressed for oil.

I mentioned olives at some point, as a color.


Herbs are from the leaves of the plants and may be used to season food or mixed with meat as stuffing for rolls. Head-herb is carried frequently when traveling, due to difficulty with strong exercise and is good for headaches. Dried herbs are used to as perfume for fires or the body and as incense. An herbalist or scent-maker may brew a tea from herbs. Herbal teas may be kept in leather sacks to keep their fragrances from blending with others.

Waxflower tea is made of plants that will safeguard anadi and emodo from mind-death, but its use is forbidden, for it also sterilizes.


Spices come from other parts of the plant. Some are grasses and grow on the broad, lonely plains of Ke Bakil, passing their seeds on the wind, while others may be cultivated in a House garden, tended by eperu. Spices are traded.

A spicy beverage with a slightly bitter scent gives a flood of energy in the morning.


  • Root of Kema (anesthetic)
  • Feverwait (sedative)