Jokku Houses with wealth have greater influence and standing in the community.

General DescriptionEdit

Wealth is generally seen as a good thing and adds to a House's standing. However, a new House presuming to the benefits of wealth, may be seen as arrogant by the older, more affluent Houses and jeapordize its standing.


A trading House or caravan with fine luxury goods can afford to sell basic goods at cost, thus gaining a large portion of the market share and shouldering out competitors. A true sign of recognition by a town includes the offering of the Leaf, an invitation to the Leaf Gathering of all the finest and wealthiest Houses of a het.


Wealthy Houses can afford such luxuries as painting the outside walls of their multiple buildings, as well as the insides, planting flowers up the sides of their warehouses, and paying shell to water them.


A generous host will share wealth by providing plush pillows for seating, draping guests with expensive silks against the wind or weather, or serving on its finest pottery set.