Map of Ke Bakil near Thenet's home-town.

The homeworld of the Jokka.


At the time of The Worth of a Shell, Ilushet estimates the population of Ke Bakil at about 100,000 people.


Historical climate here, as well as current.

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From notes:

  • 672 miles from het Narel to het Kabbanil
  • 200 miles from het Kabbanil to het Nekelmi
  • 150 miles from het Nekelmi to het Noidla
  • 1350 miles from het Serel (at the Neked Pakalmi) to het Narel.
  • The passage through the mountains to the Birthwell is listed as "ten days on foot."

List of Major Landmarks/FeaturesEdit

  • The Birthwell
  • Neked Pakalmi, the only major forest remaining on the continent.

List of Major CitiesEdit

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Creatures Native to Ke BakilEdit

  • Genarabi. A predator common to the middle-northern ranges, near trees or forests. Shoulder is about hip-high to a Jokka. Change fur coats for the seasons. Good eating.
  • Kippel
  • Nibbler. These are small rodents. There are forest versions and plains versions.
  • Drekdok. Small gazelle-like relatives of the rikka who live on the plains.
  • Lithreked
  • Midena
  • Ñedsu
  • Rikka
  • Wingflutter
  • Qedonni (something with gray fur that lives in more northerly areas)
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