Kellen showing Margeaux the ear bumps produced by genetic engineering's patchwork solution

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Kellen Grove is the main character in A Distant Sun (fiction). He is a history teacher, teaching a course called "Ethical Perspectives in History"(1) to a group of high school students. He has a past where he composed and sung songs. He has a few secrets too. 

His species/shape is Seera foxline. He notes his shape is Stocky Nominal Body Frame A. He is described as black with a 'striking white splash' across chest, neck, arms, and bottom of his mouth. See pictures. Generally his whole face is white.

Primary DNA, Human, 2ond DNA, vulpine, 3rd DNA feline. 

Digigrade, 4 digits, Demi-muzzle, jaw ruffs, black skin inside ears. 

He is 34 years old.

(1) Contrast with Heinlein's History and Moral Philosophy class? That covered the duties of the citizen; this covered the past ethical problems in genetic engineering, and the results. 

Art, Pictures, etcEdit

Actually a nice few sketches, etc. 

This one shows him showing her the ear bumps that were a result of the genetic engineering:


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