A hot cinnamon drink, comparable in use with coffee, in the Alliance.


Again from in back of Mindtouch, quoting from that text:

I've seen molasses sweetened kerrinnes, or kerinnes with extra spices, restaurants will often have house variants or evern kerinne cocktails.


Vasith'hs recipe is a common one, and begins with creaming butter, as if you were making a cookie. (which might presume hard/stick not soft/tub butter/margarine as a starting point.)

1 tbsp butter

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tbsp honey

1/4 cup cream

pinch salt

Milk to taste, 1 to 3 cups

Over pot set to medium low heat, stir butter, cinnamon, and honey until combined and warmed throught. Add cream and stir until combined. Leave on burner until steaming, then season with salt and add milk to taste. (Steamed or warmed milk integrates more easily.)

Makes 1-3 servings, depending on how much milk is used.

Source: Mindtouch, in the back of the book.

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Experience, and microwave directionsEdit

Califur 2014, Jun 1, 2014:

I used real butter, and normal whipping cream and real honey and cinnamon. The milk was added later. I added a pinch of potassium salt.

I put the ingrediants into a pirex measuring cup, making a double batch, and heated it in a hotel microwave for 1.5 min. The batch went frothy at the end. The butter melted down to the bottom of the cup. I took a spoon and tried to mix it. After a while every thing mixed except the cinnamon, which clumped. With even more mixing some of the cinnamon went into the mix. I put it into small cups and the four of us drank it. It was very smooth, and tasted better the more I drank. Someone said that the taste reminded him of french toast.

I needed an emusifier for the cinnamon, or a better understanding of cooking.

Someone made suggestions for sweet things that could be added, like butterscotch. High percent alcohol was also mentioned.

Home, June 5, 2014

Followed directions better for better results.

In a large cup made 4x batch, got honey, microwaved container for 1 min to get it to flow (was stored in refridge), mixed honey etc., keeping cream out of the mix. Microwaved (1Kw oven) mix for 1.5 minutes, checking at the 1 min mark. Butter was melted at the 1.5 min mark. Added Cinnamon, and it went into solution well. Added milk up to the rim of the 3 cup (or was that 3 pint?) cup.

The milk made it cold. People took cue from first taster: said it tasted like hot chocolate.

-- Godel Fishbreath

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