Keshul Akkadin-emodo is the false seer of het Narel, who sells fortunes to the Jokka. He is one of the major characters of the Stone Moon trilogy, which begins with The Worth of a Shell.


I am fairly confident in stating that of all the Jokka I've met, Keshul is the smartest in terms of sheer, raw intelligence. He's also a creature of habit and much prefers a life of quiet routine to excitement or change. He begins life as not just an atheist, but not a follower of any philosophy; while the former's not rare, to not be a part of any of the competing more "humanist" philosophies is. But Keshul is not a follower. He prefers to be left alone.


Born emodo, with dark brown skin and hair a variegated brown from creamy gold to almost black. His mane sprouts all the way down his spine to the base of his tail (considered very attractive, also very rare). By midway through his life, moon-white skinned with matte white spirals, white hair and five divots in his flesh: three along the ribs, one on the shoulder and one over the heart. Also has one scar in the flank.


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