Kherishdar is the multi-world empire of the Ai-Naidar, overseen by Thirukedi, the Emperor. Each world is connected by several World Gates. Consists of three worlds in a single solar system, the birthworld and two others; and two colonies, each in separate solar systems, one of which allows access to humanity.

The CapitalEdit

The capital of the empire is located on First World. The capital is split into areas of responsibility known as atan, each administrated by a different family above the Wall of Birth. The center of the city is where Thirukedi dwells; as the rays of the atan spread outward, the districts within are administrated by families of decreasing responsibility and rank; thus, at the center, Regals, and toward the exteriors and in the country, Nobles.


Map of atani, illustrated by the Calligrapher.

There are eight atan (wedges) in the capital, radiating out from center to wall, and these atan are separated by low walls (about waist-height on adults; short enough for them to speak to other adults over, but tall enough to keep small children from wandering); additionally the capital is split into rings (though these are less obviously differentiated in most places). Each ring passes through each wedge, and offers city services to the population within the district. A general rule of city planning: all people must be able to walk to all their daily needs, since walking is the primary means of locomotion.

Starting at the wall and heading inward, the unofficial rings look like this:

  • Recycling, waste, reservoirs, storage, warehouses.
  • Farmer's markets, large scale merchant activity, itinerant merchants
  • Established/local merchants offering specialty or unusual/not daily products/services
  • General Housing, which is mingled with--
  • --Entertainment, food, public services (such as baths, clinics, etc)
  • The Temple District (contains temples--places of devotion where priests also live--and shrines, places of devotion where no one lives.)
  • Small layer of specialty housing
  • Large-scale Parks (such as the one that hosts both Trysts)
  • Public plazas, auditoriums, libraries, places of research and learning
  • Residences of the Regal families (which also serve as places of law/adjudication/administration)
  • Thirukedi's residence

Known Families Above the Wall of Birth in the CapitalEdit

  • Regal: Athurizin (russet and citron yellow)
    • Noble: Qenain (nanauked) (is based in Athurizin's atani)
  • Noble: Wakedzen (anathked)
  • Noble: Matir (masirked) (across the city from Neriethen)
  • Noble: Neriethen (masirked)

Notable Locations Around the CapitalEdit

First World (the Throneworld)Edit

Second WorldEdit

Third WorldEdit

The ColoniesEdit

The GatesEdit

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