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Laelkii Takara Lifeweave first showed up in Alysha's Fall. She is the confidant in Dark Lighthouse, as well as a medic there.

She is noted as a asanii feline (location 1038 AF). She has grey head hair and white on white fur. Brown eyes.

Her nicknames tend to be based on her snow white fur "Snowhide".

At that time she started out as wife to Talen Lifeweave. She joined the Alliance starforce as a healer in training.

Connections, friends, relationships:[]

Talen Lifeweave, husband, noted as a Tam-illee foxine at (1038/29% in AF).

Alysha Forrest, friend and patient, Alyshia's fall

Alastar Virgil, friend and patient, Dark LIghthouse

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