Magun is a Jokkad anadi who used to be emodo.

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Her spirals are asymmetric, though somewhat evenly distributed. Her sooty-dark skin does not have many-layered depths, nor is she especially tall or graceful. But her rust-brown hair falls in luxuriously large curls over her rounded shoulders; her dark red eyes hold the mysteries of wine and the cunning of poets; and her voluptuous body begs for children, for fruitful and dangerous pleasures. She exudes an earthiness, a fecundity, that can take the breath away.


She was born as Magun Shethu-emodo. En route to joining House Farah in het Oihap, she received "a better offer" from Roika to join his House as kaña.


  • "We rule the world. The eperu live to serve us. The emodo toil to buy us. Who would not want to be anadi?"

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