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Welcome to the MCAH Wiki[]

A wiki devoted to the worlds of author-artist M.C.A. Hogarth! For the official website, you want MCAH Online; to buy stuff, you want Amazon or Smashwords. For details on the individual stories and novels, see the bibliography. You can also visit MCAH's pinterest if you'd like to see fan art and photos of books.

Suggested Starts[]

You might want to start with the major aliens: the Ai-Naidar, Le'enle, Pelted and Jokka; note that people are adding in links to meta-conversations as well as published stories, if you want to go off and read those.

The other big launch pad at this point is the Bibliography because you can start there, hop to one of the fiction pages, and then use the links in the fiction pages to reach characters, settings, etc.

Feel free to add sections or information as you find it, or grab pictures from my database to add. Or you can just add pages as stubs and I'll go fill them in. :)

There are several sections that would also be either directly informative to the new Wiki reader or would be very good starting places:

The Pelted's Reading order and series check list:

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