Cover: Money for Sorrow, Made Joy

"Money for Sorrow, Made Joy" is short story set in the Jokka's Shell universe.

This story was originally published by Strange Horizons in November 2001.


Ekanoi is one of a train of neuters running the caravans that keep the few cities of the Jokka supplied. It and its leader long for a chance to explore the distant forests, in hopes of bringing better goods back to the cities... if only they had the capital to fund their venture....

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Author's CommentaryEdit

"Money for Sorrow, Made Joy" was the first short story I ever sold to a professional market (though it was not the first Jokka story I wrote; the novel The Worth of a Shell came first).

Purchase DetailsEdit

"Money for Sorrow, Made Joy" is available as a free stand-alone e-book, and is also included in the Jokka collection Clays Beneath the Skies.

Format Pgs/Size Cost ISBN/ASIN
E-book (SW/Amazon/B&N) 100kb Free B00480P3T6
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