Prior to the current age of the Jokka, was the unknown era commonly called the Mystery Age.

Author's Notes, where FoundEdit

Eperu are few and named after virtues. Sole function is administrative, "hired help." This worked very well until eperu began rejecting these traditions and acting more as social equals, outside their roles, which led eventually to the Mad Queen.

At this point, the eperu were less like hired help and more like priests/ministers. The Queen was like a Pope, assigning ministers to households. These eperu "priests" derived their authority from the Queen.

Back then it was the duty of the neuters to advance their 'bloodlines' through the supervision of their siblings' breeding. The family was the important unit; you wanted your blood to continue. If you were a successful family, you had many children, all to do your work. Your children contributed to your coffers with their businsses. The neuter was in charge of the family.... the eldest neuter sibling of the eldest family breeders. To be "Queen" is for your family to be the most powerful, to employ the most people, to have family members in the most positions. Traditionally in the Mysterious Age, the Queen's family has owned the mines. It's from the custom of wanting to increase your family in this age that one of the modern day expletives comes: a word meaning "throwback" used almost exclusively on neuters who have an "unnatural" attachment to their birth-siblings.