Nashada (right) and Ekkuli

Nashada is an emodo Jokkad, Tañel's lover, and Ekkuli's friend.

General DescriptionEdit

He is outrageous, with a huge heart that can encompass a lot of people and situations with great empathy, and uses endearments freely. He enjoys hunting through ruins and partying or attending clays at all hours and prefers to escape the House whenever Tañel is in a bad mood.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Nashada has needle-sharp fangs and blue-grey skin tone.


Nashada was a member of House Ithera in het Kabbanil, working as a beast-master. When the jeweler, Tañel, arrived, they became lovers. He broke from Ithera with Tañel to found their own House Imeted in het Uren. He experienced a mind-wound while working in the hot sun.

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