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"New Stories" is short story set in the Jokka's Shell universe. It is a sequel to "Freedom, Spiced and Drunk" and features the protagonist of that story, Kediil.


When disease struck Serel's new settlement, it feared that its clan head would force them to resume their punishing nomadic life. That's when it heard tales of a madwoman in the hills... a madwoman with healing skills. But can this rebel female truly help them? And if she can, will the rest of the clan choose to triumph over the prejudices that would cause them to spurn her help?

Author's CommentaryEdit

Serel returns in the longer, unpublished story about Red Honey, Kediil's lover. All three of Kediil's stories are set during the transition from the nomadic age to the age of settlement; Serel's settlement becomes Thenet's birth-town in The Worth of a Shell.

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Purchase DetailsEdit

"New Stories" available for purchase as a stand-alone e-book, and is also included in the Jokka collection Clays Beneath the Skies.

Format Pgs/Size Cost ISBN/ASIN
E-book (SW/Amazon/B&N) 87kb $0.99 B004DNWEFY
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