The Paradox universe contains a large number of different alien species and races, including humans, the Pelted, the Chatcaava, the Eldritch, and the Faulfenza.

It is also the home universe of the Pelted Alliance.

The setting is science fiction, with an emphasis on anthropological and military arenas, and has been in continuous development since the late 1980's.


Adventure and Ethics, with Gengineered Furries

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On the non-military threads: The Pelted's relationship with humanity, who created them via genetic engineering centuries ago, is the subject of my non-military SF in the Paradox universe. Of those, "A Distant Sun" is the best introduction for new readers. The rest are lighter in tone, ranging from frankly humorous to happy-ending stories, all with humanity and their effect on the Pelted hanging in the background. If you want light biology-leaning sociological SF, or you like furries, try these.

On the military stories: The Pelted developed their military based on hazy memories of Earth's and came up with something a little softer-core in mission and behavior. In much the same way, my Pelted SF is a lot more relationship-based than typical. Nevertheless, it does have its share of explosions and space-based crises. Most of the Pelted military SF revolves around Alysha Forrest and the women who will eventually crew her battlecruiser, the UAV Stardancer. For those who want a bit of crunch with their soft toffee centers.

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