Pearl in the Void is the sequel to The Worth of a Shell (novel) and Stone Moon, Silk Scarves (novella), set in the Jokka's Shell universe. The narrator of Pearl is Keshul, the Void-touched seer from Fire in the Void.

Keshul and the Void.


When emissaries of the Stone Moon arrive in het Narel, Keshul, the charlatan seer of House Akkadin, is suspicious. Who are these prosperous, well-fed people, and why do they care whether the Houses of het Narel have better wells and healthier crops? It doesn't take long for Keshul to see the breadth of their ambitions, and to know they must be fought. But in that battle he discovers that bringing about the downfall of the Stone Moon may undo everything its emperor has planned for the species... including its survival.

Is freedom the price the Jokka must pay to stave off extinction? And what price will Keshul be forced to personally pay to see his mission to its end?


The story of Thenet and Roika's changes to Ke Bakil fall in this order:

Notable CharactersEdit

  • Roika
  • Keshul
  • Dekashin
  • Bilil
  • Iren (an older male, a light clay-brown with richer reddish hair)
  • Jushet (a middle-aged male, lean and hard as the marble his skin evoked, pale gray sheen with hints of green and cream, black hair)

Purchase DetailsEdit

Pearl in the Void is available for purchase as an e-book.

Format Pgs/Size Cost ISBN/ASIN
456kb $5.99 --
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